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Terms & Conditions

Allergy Alert Test

Clients coming for a colour appointment must answer all Allergy Alert Test questions and have an allergy alert test 2-5 days before their colour appointment if necessary.

An allergy alert test is necessary if:

You are a new colour client to Alice Flewitt/Glam AF.

You have had any type of skin tattoo, henna, black henna or permanent makeup since your last colour appointment.

You have had any kind of allergic reaction since your last hair colour.

It is more than six months since your last colour appointment with Alice Flewitt/Glam AF.

It is more than six months since your last allergy alert test.

There's a change in hair colour brand (manufacturer) or product range (a different product from the same manufacturer).

Your colour appointment will not be able to be carried out if:

You have a reaction to the allergy alert test.

You are under 16 years of age.

You have ever had a reaction to hair colour.

You have a sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp.

Deposits & cancellations

Deposits must be paid for the appointment to be booked, if the deposit isn't paid the appointment will still be shown as available for others to book. If you message Alice to book an appointment and there is a delay in paying your deposit please check the appointment is still available before transferring your deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable deposit however, appointments can be amended to another service and/or rescheduled to another date/time, 72 hours notice is required and your deposit will be moved to your new appointment date. When amending services Alice Flewitt has the right to also amend the time/date of the service where necessary.

Cancellations of bookings are subject to a 72 hour notice period. Deposits are non-refundable.

If appointments are rescheduled  between 72 and 48 hours before your scheduled appointment it will result in a loss of deposit and a new deposit will be required to reschedule your appointment

Any cancellations or appointments rescheduled between 48 and 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will result in a 50% charge

For no shows, cancellations and appointments rescheduled with under 24 hours notice will result in a 100% charge of the service

Charges must be paid before another appointment can be scheduled.  

Deposits required:

£40 deposits for any colour service

50% deposit for any extension service

Colour & bleach appointments

New clients to bleach and colour appointments with Alice Flewitt/Glam AF you will need to book a consultation before booking a colour or bleach appointment. As well as an allergy alert test we will also carry out relevant industry tests for all new clients and existing clients who want a different chemical service. These tests will need to be carried out before your colour or bleaching appointment to test the condition of your hair, the compatibility of previous products or services and confirm what the final result of the service will be. Alice Flewitt/Glam AF with hold the rights to cancel the colour or bleaching service if the client refuses to have the recommended tests in time for their booked service(s). Alice Flewitt/Glam AF holds the right to reschedule/amend services at her discretion, in the unlikely event of changing an appointment she will work with you to reschedule to a time that works for you.  If you have a reaction to your hair colour or allergy alert test you will need to seek medical advice. You will need to complete and sign forms before your colour appointment as evidence relevant tests have been completed and questions asked, failure to complete forms or relevant tests may result in your colour appointment being cancelled and your deposit being lost.

Hair extension appointments

New clients or clients who need to be re-colour matched for extensions are required to book in for a consultation before booking in for the hair extension appointment. Deposits are non refundable. If new hair is required you must give a minimum of 4 working days notice to get the new hair in for the appointment. If there is a problem with your new hair you must notify Alice Flewitt within 14 days of fitting. Once you have been colour matched for your hair extensions please do not use toners, colours, purple shampoo or anything that may alter the colour of your hair, if you do this may mean that your extensions no longer match your hair colour. 


Lateness will have a direct effect on your appointment, as this will take time away from the service that Alice is able to provide. If you have lost time from your session it means that your appointment will need to be rescheduled or a shorter/less impactful service be offered. A shorter service time will not give you the same results as the full service time. 

To cover loss of income, you will be charged for the original service you booked in for. To avoid us having to do this, please ensure to allow plenty of time for your journey, to account for ant delays.

Policies are in place to help each day run smoothly, Alice Flewitt/Glam AF may occasionally run overtime in this case a message will be sent out to let any clients know that their appointment time may be delayed, Alice Flewitt/Glam AF will aim to give clients as much notice as possible with a minimum notice of 45minutes.


All services to be paid by bank transfer or cash.

Image by Chandra Oh

Thank You!

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